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Building A More Inclusive Creative Industry: A Guide For Agencies

For us at Reuben Sinclair, The Creative Shootout is not only a time to reflect on the state of the creative industries in the UK (yes, we are passionate about accountancy too) but also an opportunity to recognise their impact on our lives.


Success in any industry hinges on the rich blend of perspectives found within a diverse team.


Today, we’ll explore the case for a more inclusive and accessible creative industry, with a particular focus on how agencies can take meaningful steps toward achieving this goal.


The Creative Shootout leads by example. Its unwavering commitment to diversity shines through initiatives that actively foster a culture of inclusion.


And it's not just about doing the right thing; it's about smart business. Research consistently demonstrates that diverse teams drive innovation, enhance problem-solving, and ultimately lead to better business outcomes.


Companies in the top quartile for ethnic diversity at the executive level are 36% more likely to have above-average profitability in the UK, according to McKinsey & Company.


Agencies that recognise and harness the power of diverse perspectives gain a competitive edge in the creative arena.


Making Things Inclusive and Accessible

The journey toward a more inclusive creative industry begins with the hiring process.


  • Utilise inclusive job ads which encourage underrepresented candidates to apply.

  • Ensure that the application process is accessible for all.

  • Adopt anonymised selection techniques, where deciding on which CV’s to progress is based on skillset rather than unconscious bias.

  • Diverse interview panels also play a crucial role in ensuring a fair assessment of candidates, as well as the use of scorecards and set questions.

  • Mentorship programs are integral to nurturing talent from all walks of life. Highlight success stories where mentorship has been a catalyst for career growth, breaking down barriers for underrepresented individuals.

Promoting inclusion is not just about compliance; it's about ensuring that creative outputs are also inclusive and resonate with a broad audience.


  • Introduce the concept of universal design principles, emphasising how incorporating these principles can enhance the user experience online and offline, for everyone.

  • Showcase examples of creative projects that successfully embody universal design.

  • Invest in training programs that educate employees about the principles of ED&I.

  • Promoting Inclusivity Through Company Culture

  • Agencies - let's celebrate our differences. Highlight events and initiatives that showcase diversity, making the workplace a welcoming space.

  • Share examples of initiatives or events that showcase diversity within your team, creating an environment where individuality is not only accepted but celebrated.

  • Encourage the formation of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in building supportive communities within the agency.

  • Share success stories of ERGs that may currently be in place, that have made a positive impact on company culture, serving as a catalyst for change and fostering a sense of belonging among employees.

  • Ensure social events are welcoming and inclusive for everyone, it’s important to recognise that individuals come from diverse backgrounds. For instance, avoid scheduling all events in the evening, as it may pose challenges for carers or working parents to participate.


Taking Action

As we continue to navigate the dynamic landscape of creative expression, let us stand united in our commitment to fostering an inclusive and accessible environment. Together, we can propel the creative industry into a future where every voice is heard, valued, and celebrated.


If your agency is ready to take the leap toward a more inclusive and diverse future, Reuben Sinclair could help. Reach out for tailored, inclusive, and accessible recruitment strategies.

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